lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017

[Fotos+SNS] 171204 Showtime Thailand FB actualizado: Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fanmeeting en Bangkok, Thailand

Showtime Thailand Facebook Update:

[PHOTOS] We are back from Manila and as promised… some photos of our very own Kim Jae Joong in Bangkok Fan Meeting 
As allowed, only the first 10 mins of the show.
 photo Showtime_Thailand_01.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_02.jpg

 photo Showtime_Thailand_03.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_04.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_05.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_06.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_07.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_08.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_09.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_10.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_11.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_12.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_13.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_14.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_15.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_16.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_17.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_18.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_19.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_20.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_21.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_22.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_23.jpg
 photo Showtime_Thailand_24.jpg
Source: Showtime Thailand
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